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Data file (in MS Excel format)

Macroeconomic dynamics

GDP dynamics (1969-2009) - 192 countries

GDP and macroeconomic components (1946-2007) (ZIPped)

A very long time series: GDP growth in Sweden (1720-2000)

Monetary indicators

Official interest rates in 6 major countries (1980-2011) - monthly data

Long-term interest rates in the EU countries

International trade and financial flows

Bilateral and total trade of all countries in the world: a long time series (52 years)

Total bilateral merchandise balance among 99 countries (1998 and 2003)

International bilateral trade by product

FDI Inflows, outflows, inward stock and outwardstock in 200 countries - a long time-series (1970-2003)

Emigrants' remittances (205 countries): a long time series

Bilateral remittances flows worldwide

Telephone calls country by country: a long time series

Consumer and Labour market

Consumers' microdata: incomes, preferences, purchase timing

Wage microdata: a random sample with age, education, sex, marital status, sector, occupation and other variables

Long-term macroeconomic data for 136 countries and 42 years



Data files (in PDF format)

Advertising expenditure (1999-2010) in Japan

Biodiversity in EU - awareness and attitudes

World trademarks registration by country and economic sector - a time-series


Many more data files


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